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1999 - 2000. Mirrors, models, wood, glass. 30 x 30 x 30 cm.

Photography. 100 x 150 cm.

"Zofia Lipecka makes boxes. Funny boxes. Small boxes that become huge and make you dizzy when you look inside. Simply because the universes she creates expand and multiply endlessly thanks to the mirrors that cover the interior walls of its "micro spaces" (title of the series). Abyss and simulacrum. Real and illusion. Tangible and virtual. Object and image. Then, to surprise and playfulness, succeeds an impression of strangeness and uneasiness. The impression related to the universes chosen by the artist (born in Poland in 1965, she lives in Paris): waiting room, dormitory, supermarket, factory, etc., completely empty, as if abandoned as-is. Beds made, shelves filled, desks tidied up to evoke the fragility of the human. Zofia Lipecka makes also large photographys of this boxes, which she scans and reworks on Photoshop. In order, again, to question the image, the media, the technology and to address very well the issue of representation."


H.-F. Debailleux. "Sortie en boîtes". Libération. May 29-30, 1999. Paris.

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